• 5/31/19
    Calendar Suture provides links to iCal versions of Medicial School Events. Users can copy and add these iCal links into their favorite calendaring applications whether it's on a cell phone, laptop, or in an online calendar such as Yahoo! or Google.
  • 1/8/20
    CloudMed allows users to access their School of Medicine's network drives by using a web browser.
  • 10/9/18
    The OMC Store is a Remote Desktop Service that allows users to access RemoteApps and Desktop Connections through the Start menu or a Web browser. 
  • 3/16/20
    The University at Buffalo and the School of Medicine offers its students basic software for productivity, safe computing, and also offers recommendations for useful software. 
  • 10/9/18
    UBMM is not only a calendar for personal, school, and cource events but also includes a task manager, class notes, and cource/professor evaluations.