UB MobileMed

Screen shot of UB Mobile Med login page.

UBMM is not only a calendar for personal, school, and cource events but also includes a task manager, class notes, and cource/professor evaluations. 

UBMM is located at https://ubmm.med.buffalo.edu and can be accessed using your UBITname and Jacobs School phasephrase. When logged in, you will noticed a 6 link menu across the top which opens 1 of the 5 main features offered. 


The Calendar allows users to add private personal, course related, and Jacobs School events. To add an event, select the "Add Events" link, add a title, select an event type, date and times and other pertinent information, recurrence applicable, and then select save. 

For course related events, it is important that you choose course for event type and a course from the Course dropdown. 

For School events, select School as event type and be sure to select ALL the checkboxes next to the departments, divisions, or groups that are applicable to the added event. These check boxes determine what events are displayed on which website calendar. For example, an event for Department of Medicine's division of Infectious Disease should have at least the Department of Medicine and the Department of Medicine: Infectious Disease checkboxes checked.

Also, School events have the option to be displayed on the Jacobs School site as well as the University's calendar, calendar.buffalo.edu. To add them, select the checkboxes next to the UB Calendar or the SMBS Calendar. Note, the UB Calendar make take an hour or 2 before the event appears. 


Encounters offers different lists, procedure, and components. It's a place to share collective information. 


Evals in a place for faculty to add course evaluations and for students to give their feedback. This includes a manager, publisher, and summary reports. 


Notes is a location to supply or receive notes for a particulr class or course.


Tasks is your task manager. Users may create or edit personal and source related tasks.