New in UB classrooms: recording, livestreaming and video conferencing

An empty UB classroom.

Clemens 120 features pre-scheduled and do-it-yourself recording, as well as conferencing capability.

Published July 13, 2022

Now UB instructors can invite virtual guests to engage with in-person classes with Zoom in most UB classrooms. Or, use the included Panopto software to record and livestream lectures from the teaching station. Here’s how to find the right room for your needs.


The majority of UB classrooms received technology upgrades for Fall 2020, adding recording, livestreaming and video conferencing technology to the suite of standard UB classroom technology

You can review technology options in UB classrooms, and reserve a room that suits your needs, using the UB Space Request System.

If this is your first time using the UB Space Request System, you can find helpful guides to booking a room in UBbox.

Finding the right classroom

To see technology options in a specific room, visit the UB Space Request System and check under the Features section for that classroom.

When in doubt, look for the good, better and best labels in the Notes section for your classroom:

  • Good classrooms all have a computer equipped with software for recording, livestreaming and conferencing. All you need to do is bring a webcam and plug it in.
  • Better classrooms add built-in cameras and microphones, so you don’t need to bring anything—just start recording, livestreaming or conferencing with a few taps.
  • Best classrooms have all the features and capabilities of a “Better” room, plus the ability to schedule your classroom recordings in advance.

Using classroom technology

Ready to take advantage of the powerful technology features in UB classrooms? We’re here to help! 

Visit the UBIT website for information on how to record, livestream and conference in UB classrooms. Or, request a one-on-one consultation on teaching technology in your classroom.

Get help with classroom technology

Having trouble with technology in a classroom? Contact the UBIT Help Center at 716-645-3542, and press ‘1’ for our classroom response team. 

For more information about teaching technology at UB, visit our teaching technology guides.

These upgrades are part of a larger, campus-wide effort to better support faculty by providing options for flexible teaching. For more information, visit