Which UB Wi-Fi network?

Wi-fi symbols in the air above students holding mobile devices.

Published October 13, 2023

Not sure which Wi-Fi network to use? Here’s a quick overview.

eduroam: Your key to secure, seamless connectivity



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Michael Canfield 

eduroam is UB's official and most secure Wi-Fi network, available for devices like your laptop and smartphone. To connect, follow UBIT’s straightforward set-up instructions designed for various devices.

By choosing eduroam, you're ensuring a fast, reliable and encrypted connection, safeguarding your data. eduroam also allows you to connect seamlessly to hotspots at thousands of universities worldwide who share the network.

UB Connect: Simplifying access for visitors and setup

UB Connect plays a crucial role during the setup of eduroam, allowing you to register your device to our network. Additionally, it serves as the go-to network for visitors to UB. 

UB_Devices: connectivity for smart gadgets

For your smart TVs, printers, gaming consoles, and other Internet-enabled devices, UBIT offers UB_Devices. These gadgets, once registered on UB’s network, can effortlessly connect to this specialized network, ensuring uninterrupted streaming, printing, and gaming experiences.

UB Secure

While UB Secure is an older Wi-Fi network, it's currently still available for use. However, it's worth noting that eduroam surpasses UB Secure in terms of security and performance. eduroam is the way to go.

Need tech help?

Don’t forget to contact the UBIT Help Center or UB Tech Squad anytime you need help with UB technology for the fastest assistance, online at buffalo.edu/ubit/help or by phone at 716-645-3542. 

Remember- Tech Squad will meet you anywhere on campus for technology help at no cost.