New Jabber feature improves 911 calling for UB faculty and staff

Published January 19, 2024

Jabber dialing 911.

As of January 2024, Jabber was upgraded to allow UB faculty and staff to set their current location when using Jabber on a Mac or PC. This feature will allow 911 responders to find individuals faster during an emergency.

Why do I have to provide my location?



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When you are using Jabber on a PC or Mac, Jabber doesn't know where you are, even if you are on campus. As a result, if you call 911 from Jabber without first setting up your location, your call may not be routed to the nearest emergency personnel. 

What if I use Jabber on a phone or tablet and call 911?

  • On a cell phone, Jabber will automatically use the phone's settings to properly route a 911 call to the cellular network of the service provider. So, there is no need to set up your location.
  • Tablets are not currently included in this service, and should not be used for calling 911.

Who should I call for on-campus emergencies?

UB University Police: 716-645-2222

The importance of 911 and RAY BAUM's Act

In January 2022, RAY BAUM's Act went into effect, which states that organizations managing multi-telephone line services must provide dispatchable location information when routing 911 calls to a public safety answering point. The new Jabber feature, called 9Line, will allow someone using Jabber to provide precise, detailed location information to emergency dispatchers when a 911 call is placed using Jabber.

More help

For help using Jabber, contact your departmental IT support, or the UBIT Help Center ( at 716-645-3542.