Katie Edwards, PhD '06

Katie Edwards.

The PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences trained Katie Edwards to think like a scientist.

As an undergraduate Katie Edwards hoped to become an academic biochemist. While in the PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences, she discovered a passion for microbiology. Taking base courses in the biomedical sciences with a small class, she gained an overview of all fields without having to choose which department to enter right away.

“Keep an open mind to different fields of study,” says Edwards, UB research assistant professor and deputy director of biological and medical sciences at a science and technology company.

“I was able to try rotations in laboratories from different departments,” she says. “The courses gave me a solid framework and prepared me for graduate research. The laboratory work trained me to think like a scientist.”

Edwards leads a team of laboratory scientists at CUBRC on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, conducting research in biodefense, microbiology, biotechnology and medical therapeutics.

“I have a solid biomedical science foundation with strong scientific writing skills, which are highly sought in academia and the biotechnology industry. “The PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences offers a high-value education that prepared me for my career.”