Departments and Curriculum

“The courses at the beginning of the program — such as Cell Biology — reinforced my knowledge and helped prepare me to conduct research,” says Alexandria Trujillo.

We offer a comprehensive education emphasizing research, collaboration and scientific discovery.

  • 2/6/19
    Our basic sciences departments offer you a unique interdisciplinary education. Explore a variety of disciplines and collaborate with renowned research scientists across many fields.
  • 3/3/20
    Many schools require you to apply directly to a department. You have to commit even if you haven’t narrowed down your interests. You’re limited to a single department before you’ve discovered where your true enthusiasm for research lies.
  • 11/9/18
    In the PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences, you will obtain a broad-based foundation in biomedical and biological sciences while participating in cutting-edge research alongside dedicated faculty mentors.
  • 11/7/18
    Our coursework provides a comprehensive education in the biomedical sciences.