Claudia Prada, PhD '05

IGPBS alumnus Claudia Prada, PhD '05.

Claudia Prada credits the PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences with setting the course for her career in pharmaceutics.

The PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences sent Claudia Prada from Buffalo to Brussels.

Prada is safety director at a global pharmaceutical company. She manages a team of physicians and drug-safety associates responsible for evaluating the risks and benefits of drugs on sleep and movement disorders.

“The program gave me a high-level education in neurosciences and strong overall scientific knowledge,” says Prada, who credits PPBS with setting the course for her career.

The interdisciplinary nature of the PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences is key to the quality education it offers, she says. Because many departments are involved, the faculty pool is wider and more diverse than in a single department.

The program responds to any gaps in a student’s education by connecting them with faculty who can offer additional instruction or support, says Prada. She advises students to take full advantage of the availability of the entire faculty.

“Expand your mentoring relationship to several faculty members. Involve your thesis committee in the decisions, and take the initiative in developing interdisciplinary projects.”

“UB is the perfect place to obtain a personalized graduate education.”