Christopher Stoj, PhD ’06

Christopher Stoj, PhD, '06.

Christopher Stoj, PhD ’06, says the PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences program was designed with students like him in mind.

When Christopher Stoj entered the PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences, he wasn’t ready to commit to a specialty. After earning his doctorate in biochemistry, he immediately received a tenure-track university appointment.

“Lab rotations with outstanding researchers across the biomedical sciences are the great strength of the program,” he says. “These experiences helped me make an informed choice to enter biochemistry.”

Stoj engaged in collaborative research with students and faculty from many universities, including Stanford. He presented his results at prestigious regional and national conferences.

“Without the support of the PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences and the biochemistry department, I would not have developed the ability to conduct, manage and disseminate experimental science that is essential to my career.”

That research, published in top-ranked journals, opened the door to a tenure-track appointment as an assistant professor of biochemistry at Niagara University.

Within six years of graduating from UB, Stoj was promoted to associate professor and chair of the Department of Biochemistry, Chemistry and Physics.

Throughout his career advancements, he has maintained an active undergraduate research laboratory that focuses on metallobiochemistry and cardiovascular disease.

Stoj advises prospective students to take full advantage of the unique opportunities at UB.

“The advanced coursework, seminars and journal discussions provided an excellent foundation and helped develop my critical thinking skills.”