Core Facilities

Protein Expression and Crystallization

Mary Rosenblum at the Protein Production and Crystallization facility.


Our facility supports production and purification of high quantity and purity protein samples. We have instrumentation for the growth, cell harvesting, and lysis of large volume bacterial and insect cell expression cultures.

Purified protein can be screened for crystallization using high-throughput screening with a variety of commercial and in-house screens.

Multiple FPLC chromatography units are available for high resolution protein separation. The FPLC systems enable preparative chromatography of proteins with suitable techniques including affinity-based, ion exchange, hydrophobic, and gel filtration methods.

A crystallization robot facilitates screening of crystallization cocktails and identification of lead conditions for crystal growth of protein or nucleic acid macromolecules. The crystallization robot contains 100 µl Flex 96 Syringe Head, Lipidic cubic phase (LCP) arm, and nano dispenser enables screening with sub µl drops in a variety of plate formats.

Education and Training

Opportunities exist for collaborations in protein production, purification, and crystallization, as well as potential training of investigators wishing to learn these techniques.


  • Agilent HPLC equipped with autosampler and high sensitivity detectors to perform molecular weight, size, and intrinsic viscocity of protein-protein and protein-detergent complexes with size exclusion chromatography
  • BEEI Nano DeBEE high pressure homogenizer for large-scale cell disruption
  • BioRad NGC Quest FPLC Chromatography system
  • GE Healthcare Akta Pure FPLC Chromatography system
  • Gryphon LCP/Microseed Protein Crystallization system


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