Doctoral Program (PhD)

As a PhD candidate, you will research in a highly collaborative environment, have multiple opportunities to present your findings and develop into a well-rounded independent research scientist.

Practical preparation for your future

You will take your preliminary exam during your first year in our department. This consists of writing a “mock” funding proposal for research you would like to carry out in your mentor’s lab. Once completed, this proposal can be submitted to a funding agency.

Fostering professional growth

Our department is dedicated to fostering the professional growth of our PhD candidates in the lab and beyond. Many of our students attend and present at national meetings. We host weekly guest lectures featuring renowned research scientists. In the Student Journal Club you can bounce research ideas off your peers, present your data and practice your thesis defense.

During the spring you will present your research at the Biochemistry Research Day. First-year students present their work in poster form. In subsequent years, doctoral students make oral presentations to our department’s faculty, students and staff.

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