Calendar Sutures

Calendar Suture provides links to iCal versions of Medicial School Events. Users can copy and add these iCal links into their favorite calendaring applications whether it's on a cell phone, laptop, or in an online calendar such as Yahoo! or Google.


Adding to Your Device

  1. On Calendar Suturer, choose a calendar type whether it is courses, school/departmental, or other. 
  2. Choose one or more calendars by selecting the checkbox next to each desired calendar. 
  3. Highlight or select the highlight option and copy the URL to your clipboard.

Microsoft Exchange

  1. Under the "Calendar" tab.
  2. Click "Open Calendar" -- "From Internet"
  3. Copy and Paste URL from this web page - click "OK"
  4. Click "Advanced" - enter a name for this calendar and click "OK" and then "Yes"

Mobile iOS

  1. "Settings" -- "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"
  2. "Accounts" -- "Add Account..." -- "Other" -- "Add Subscribed Calendar"
  3. Copy and Paste URL from this web page
  4. Enter a name for this calendar in the "Description" field.
  5. Click "Next" -- "Save"


  1. Log into the Google account associated with your device(s).
  2. If in Gmail or any other Google app, click the "Google Apps" icon and select "Calendar".
  3. On the left menu, open the dropdown arrow next to "Other Calendars" and select "Add by URL"
  4. Paste in the link from Calendar Suture and click add Calendar button.

NOTE: Android by default will use the Google Calendar for the associated account. If the Suture Calendar is added to the Google account, it will also be available on all linked Android devices as well as through Gmail and Google Calendar. 

Any problems, questions, or conserns can be directed to the OMC