Recent Faculty Publications

Michael Buck, PhD

D. Fernando Estrada, PhD

M. Laura Feltri, MD

Lee Ann Garrett-Sinha, PhD

Michael Garrick, PhD

  • Wolff NA, Garrick MD, Zhao L, Garrick LM, Ghio AJ, Thevenod F. A role for divalent metal transporter (DMT1) in mitochondrial uptake of iron and manganese. Sci Rep. 2018; 8(1)
  • Sternberg Z, Hu Z, Sternberg, D., Waseh, S., Quinn, J.F., Wild, K., Kaye, J., Zhao, L., Garrick MD. Serum Hepcidin Levels, Iron Dyshomeostasis and Cognitive Loss in Alzheimer’s Disease. Aging and Disease. 2017; 8(2)
  • Emery, A., Stein, S., Garrick MD, Meneley, D., Carr, P.H., Smith, D., Helrich, C., Cohen, R.S., Blatt, J.M., Rie, J., Yunger, L.M., Boucher, R., Hutchinson, R.. Nuclear Power Debate. Amer. Scientist. 2017; 105(2)

Richard Gronostajski, PhD

Marc Halfon, PhD

Daniel Kosman, PhD

Mark O‘Brian, PhD

Yungki Park, PhD

Mulchand Patel, PhD

Gabriela Popescu, PhD

Christine Schaner Tooley, PhD

Jennifer Surtees, PhD

Mark Sutton, PhD

Mary Taub, PhD

  • Taub M F. Cutuli. . Data on Na,K-ATPase in primary cultures of renal proximal tubule cells treated with catecholamines. Data in Brief. 2016; 6
  • Taub M. 59.Cancer drug troglitazone stimulates the growth and response of renal cells to hypoxia inducible factor. Biohem Biophys Res Com. 2016; 471
  • D. Saidani F. Hammoudi-Triki F. Labara-Djebari Taub M. In vitro studies with renal proximal tubule cells show direct cytotoxicity of Androctonus australis hector scorpion venom triggered by oxidative stress, caspase activation and apoptosis. Toxicon. 2016; 120