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Debanjan                       Sarkar

Debanjan Sarkar PhD

Department of Biomedical Engineering

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Specialty/Research Focus

Cell growth, differentiation and development; Cytoskeleton and cell motility; Stem Cells

Professional Summary:

Development of regenerative therapeutics involves understanding and application of molecular, cellular and tissue engineering principles. Integrated strategies include biomaterials, therapeutic molecules and stem cells to create bioengineered systems for regenerative medicine. Therefore, understanding fundamental interactions between different components and utilizing these concepts will provide tools to engineer tissue regeneration and develop treatment options for diseases.
The translational aspect of regenerative medicine depends on proper integration of engineering and medicine. This hierarchical roadmap is tissue or disease specific and thus requires step-wise approaches. Our current goals are to develop strategies for therapeutic angiogenesis, soft and elastic tissue regeneration and delivery of drugs. We are interested to integrate the different components for effective therapeutic strategies

Education and Training:
  • PhD, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, University of Akron (2007)
  • MS, Chemical Engineering, University of Akron (2004)
  • BS, Polymer Science and Technology, University of Calcutta (2001)
  • BS, Chemistry, University of Calcutta (1998)
  • Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering, University at Buffalo (2010-present)
  • Post Doctoral Fellow, Medicine, Harvard Medical School,, Brigham and Women's Hospital, HST Division (2007–2010)

Research Expertise:
  • Biomaterials
  • Cell-biomaterial interaction
  • Regenerative Therapeutics
  • Stem Cell Engineering

Journal Articles:

Professional Memberships:
  • Biomedical Engineering Society
  • Society for Biomaterials
  • Society for Biological Engineering

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Contact Information

319 Bonner Hall
Department of Biomedical Engineering
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY 14260
Phone: (716) 645-8497
Fax: (716) 645-2207

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