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Devinalini                     Misir

Devinalini Misir MD

Department of Psychiatry

Clinical Assistant Professor - Inpatient Attending

Specialty/Research Focus

Addictions; Behavioral pharmacology; Drug abuse; Maternal - Fetal Medicine; Psychiatry; Teratology

Professional Summary:

I am interested in the interface of mental health, physical health and addiction. These are not mutually exclusive issues. They play a significant role on each other and at times a person who is mentally ill, might use drugs and or alcohol to treat his condition. Then treating the underlying condition takes precedence. Addressing just the addiction does not help the patient, as it is akin to applying band aid to an issue. Like wise physical conditions or the treatment used to treat these physical condition might cause or present as behavioral issues. Addressing the underlying issue makes sense again, as opposed to applying a band aid.

I am interested in women‘s mental health, especially pregnant women with mental health issues and addiction. I am also interested in women‘s health issues like Pre menstrual Dysphoric Disorder, Post Partum blues, anxiety, depression, mood swings associated with infertility treatment and or menopause.

I am also interested in educating the future generation of physicians regarding the interface of mental health, addiction and physical health.

I am certified by the Medical Review Officer Certification Council and I work with Physicians, NP‘s, PA‘s who have issues with drugs and or alcohol, and help them have a second chance in their career.

I am Board Certified in Psychiatry, Psychosomatic Medicine by American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and in Addiction Medicine by American Board of Addiction Medicine.

Education and Training:
  • Perinatal Bereavement, Perinatal Bereavement, Shoshana Center (2015)
  • Cert, Psychotherapy, Interpersonal Psychotherapy Institute (2014)
  • Cert, Psychotherapy, School of Social Work, Univ at Buffalo (2013)
  • Cert, Addiction, Medical Review Officer Certification Council (2013)
  • Fellowship, Psychosomatic Medicine, Yale New Haven Hospital (2012)
  • Cert, Psychotherapy, Behavioral Tech (2012)
  • Cert, Psychotherapy (2011)
  • Cert, Psycho Pharmacology (2011)
  • Residency, Psychiatry, Maine Medical Center (2011)
  • Cert, Addiction, Buprenorphine Training and Practice tools (2011)
  • Attending Psychiatrist, Psychiatry, ECMC (2014-present)
  • Attending Psychiatrist, Psychiatry, ECMC (2012-present)
  • Voluntary Clinical Assistant Professor, Univ at Buffalo (2012-present)
  • Voluntary Tutor, Psychiatry, Yale New Haven Hospital, Yale University (2011–2012)
  • Voluntary Clinical Assistant Professor, Psychiatry, Maine Medical Center, Tufts University (2008–2011)
Awards and Honors:
  • Best Clinical teacher Award for psychiatry residents (2014)
  • APA IMG travel Award (2008)

Professional Memberships:
  • NYSPA; NY State Perinatal Association (2012–present)
  • ASAM; American Society of Addiction Medicine (2012–present)
  • AMA; American Medical Association (2007–present)
  • APA Member
  • APM Member
  • MAPP Member
  • Member of Indian Medical Council
  • "Perinatal Addiction" Postpartum Support International, Annual Conference, 2015, PSI, Annual Conference, Psychologist, Physician, Counselors, Social Workers (2015)
  • "Safety Assessment in the ER" Grand Rounds for EM Residents, University at Buffalo, EM Residents, Medical students, Attendings (2015)
  • "Untreated Psychiatric Disorders in Pregnancy" NY State Perinatal Association, Annual Conference,2015, NYSPA, Physicians, Nurses, Social Workers (2015)
  • "Management of Behavioral issues in the Medically ILL" Cental NY Psychiatric Center, Medical Staff Meeting, Central NY Psychiatric Center, Physicians, Nurses, Social Workers (2014)
  • "Perinatal Addiction" NY State Perinatal Association, Annual Conference, 2014, NYSPA, OBGYN, Psychiatrist, Social workers, midwives (2014)
  • "Phenomenology and management of Delirium" Yale University, Symposium for Fellows, Yale New Haven Hospital, Psychiatry Fellows (2012)
  • "Management of acute pain in patients on Methadone Maintenance" Yale University, Medical team at the VA hospital, VA Hospital, Fellows, Residents, Medical Students (2012)
  • "Cognition and Schizophrenia" Maine Medical Center, Grand Rounds, Maine Medical Center, Residents, Attendings, Fellows, Medical Students (2011)

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Contact Information

University at Buffalo - Psychiatry
Erie County Medical Center
462 Grider Street, Rm 1168
Buffalo, NY 14215
Phone: 716-898-5059

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