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Jad                            Bou-Abdallah

Jad Z. Bou-Abdallah MD

Department of Medicine

Assistant Professor

Specialty/Research Focus


Professional Summary:

My goal is to provide high quality clinical care to patients with a broad range of gastroenterological disorders. I have a particular interest in the elderly: I completed a geriatrics fellowship, I have extensive experience treating and managing the care of elderly patients and I am dedicated to providing the best possible care for this growing, often vulnerable segment of our population. I view elderly patients first as individuals, and I work with them in ways that respect their autonomy. I also work with them in the context of their family, assessing the best ways to ensure successful disease and health management. I assess my elderly patients in a holistic way as well, taking into account their overall health status and myriad clinical problems instead of focusing solely on whatever gastroenterological problem they present.

I work as a UBMD providing clinical services at the hospitals affiliated with UB’s division of gastroenterology: the Buffalo VA Medical Center, Erie County Medical Center and Buffalo General Medical Center, and Roswell Park Cancer Institute. I perform upper endoscopy including radio frequency ablation, colonoscopy and paracentesis. I have experience in performing endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography, endoscopic ultrasound, endoscopic stent placements and high resolution motility studies along with pH and manometry studies.

I am conducting a multi-site research study in collaboration with the VA hospitals in Albany and Syracuse studying the effects of continuing vs. stopping clopidogrel during colonoscopies. This is an especially important study given the large number of patients taking this medication.

I teach students, residents and fellows during patient rounds and via lectures to the house staff. My lectures concentrate on a variety of gastrointestinal topics ranging from the management of foreign bodies in the gastrointestinal system to biliary tract diseases and pancreatitis.

Education and Training:
  • Gastroenterology Fellowship, SUNY Upstate Medical University (2012)
  • Geriatrics Fellowship, SUNY Upstate Medical University (2009)
  • Residency, SUNY Upstate Medical University (2008)
  • MD, American University of Beirut (2003)
  • Clinical Assistant Professor, University at Buffalo (2014-present)
  • Director of Endoscopy, Section of Gastroenterology, VA Medical Center (2014-present)
  • Staff Physician, Gastroenterology Division, VA Western New York Healthcare System (2013-present)
  • Clinical Assistant Professor, Upstate Medical University State University of New York (2012–2013)
  • Staff Physician, Gastroenterology Division, Syracuse VA Medical Center (2012–2013)

Research Expertise:
  • Gastrointestinal problems in the geriatric population
  • Motility

Journal Articles:
  • El-Rassy I, Bou-Abdallah J, Al-Ghadban S, Bitar F, Nemer G. Absence of NOTCH2 and Hey2 mutations in a familial Alagille syndrome case with a novel frameshift mutation in JAG1.. Am J Med Genet A. 2008; 146A(7).
  • Aranez J, Bitar A, Bahuva R, Bou-Abdallah J. Metastatic type II Siewert GEJ carcinoma to the ascending colon: a unique presentation. Am J Gastroenterol. 2015; 110(1).
  • Chandan S, Dewanwala A, Bou-Abdallah J, Ritchie J. Gastric antral vascular ectasia: can radiofrequency ablation be the answer?. Am J Gastroenterol. 2015; 110(1).
  • Ali S, Bou-Abdallah J, Back J, Sampath P. Granular cell tumor of the colon (GCT). Am J Gastroenterol. 2012; 107(1).
  • Bou-Abdallah J, John D, Murthy U. Coffee grounds emesis: don't be fooled by the presentation. Am J Gastroenterol. 2012; 107(1).
  • Bou-Abdallah J. Sarcomatoid carcinoma of the esophagus. Am J Gastroenterol. 2011; 106(2).
  • Manocha D, Singh M, Mehta N, Bou-Abdallah J, Murthy UK. Do aspirin (ASA) and/or NSAIDs increase risk of post polypectomy bleed (PPB)? A large veteran-cohort study. Gastroenterology. 2011; 140(5).
  • Bou-Abdallah J, Mehta P, Beg S, Murthy UK. Coffee ground emesis: always an underlying gastrointestinal bleeding problem?. Am J Gastroenterol. 2007; 102(2).
Evaluative Studies and Case Reports:

Professional Memberships:
  • American Medical Association, Member (2013–2014)
  • American Gastroenterology Association (AGA), Member (2013–present)
  • American Association for the Study of Liver Disease, Member (2010–2011)
  • American College of Gastroenterology (ACG), Member (2009–2010)
  • American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, Member (2009–2010)
  • American Geriatrics Society, Member (2008–2009)
  • "An Uncommon Cause of Diffuse Abdominal Pain and Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage" Poster presentation, ACG 2016 Annual Meeting, ACG (2016)
  • "An Uncommon Lesion of the Duodenum" Poster presentation, ACG 2016 Annual Meeting, ACG (2016)
  • "Duodenal Metastases from Primary Large Cell Carcinoma of the Lung Presenting with Melena" Poster presentation, ACG 2016 Annual Meeting, ACG (2016)
  • "Early Involvement of Interventional Radiology: A Useful Tool in the Management of Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding" Poster presentation, ACG 2016 Annual Meeting, ACG (2016)
  • "Non-metastatic Cholestatic Liver Injury as the Presenting Sign of a Rare Hematologic Malignancy: First Reported Case" Poster presentation, ACG 2016 Annual Meeting, ACG (2016)
  • "Unnecessary Brain Imaging in Geriatric Patients Presenting with Head Trauma" Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Geriatrics Society (2010)
Service Activities:
  • Research Coordinator, Gastroenterology Fellowship Training Program (2016–present)

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Contact Information

VA Medical Center
3495 Bailey Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14215
Phone: (716) 862-6778

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