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Susan                          Graham

Susan Graham MD

Department of Medicine


Specialty/Research Focus

Cardiology; Cardiovascular Disease

Professional Summary:

I am a cardiologist with a subspecialty interest in heart failure and general cardiology. I am based at Buffalo General Medical Center (BGMC) and the Gates Vascular Institute (GVI), and I care for inpatients admitted to Cardiology Critical Care, Inpatient Cardiology and Inpatient Consultation. I have administrative duties that focus on the care of the cardiac patient at Kaleida Health: I help lead the collaborative efforts of over 50 cardiologists to improve the quality of patient care and patient outcomes.

My research responsibility has included serving as a local principal investigator in multicenter clinical trials, and our site has contributed to a number of cardiology research programs over the past 25 years. Our current focus is in systolic and diastolic heart failure, as a collaborative effort with colleagues in internal medicine and cardiology.

I am part of the teaching faculty in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, and I am the lead physician for the BGMC training site. In this role, I work with another attending cardiologist to provide oversight and guidance to a team of five cardiology fellows, residents and fourth-year medical students at the BGMC continuity clinic. I also help organize and lead annual continuing medical education conferences through the medical school’s Department of Medicine and through Kaleida Health.

Education and Training:
  • Fellowship, Cardiology, Medical College of Virginia (1989)
  • Residency, Internal Medicine, VA Medical Center (1986)
  • Residency, Internal Medicine, University of Minnesota (1985)
  • MD, Internal Medicine, University of Texas Medical School (1982)
  • Clinical Professor, Roswell Park Cancer Institute (2012-present)
  • Clinical Associate Professor, Medicine, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York (2007-present)
  • Medical Director, Buffalo General Hospital/Kaleida Health (2007-present)
  • Research Adjunct Professor, Social and Preventive Medicine, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, Social and Preventive Medicine (1994-present)
  • Associate Professor, Clinical Medicine, Cardiology, Medicine, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York (1995–2007)
  • Director, Coronary Care Unit, Buffalo General Hospital/Kaleida Health (1989–2006)
  • Assistant Professor, Clinical Medicine, Cardiology, Medicine, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York (1989–1995)
Awards and Honors:
  • Robert S. Berkson, MD Memorial Award (2013)
  • Buffalo Spree "100 of WNY‘s Top Docs" (2008)
  • White Coat Teaching Award, UB Dept. of Medicine (2008)
  • UB Family Medicine Specialty Teaching Award (2005)
  • Buffalo General Foundation Award (1999)
  • CGF Health System Women in Medicine (1998)

Research Expertise:
  • Heart failure
  • Heart failure

Journal Articles:
  • McCann SE, Marshall JR, Brasure JR, Graham S, Freudenheim JL. Analysis of patterns of food intake in nutritional epidemiology: food classification in principal components analysis and the subsequent impact on estimates for endometrial cancer.. Public Health Nutr. 2001; 4(5).
  • Susan McCann, Weiner J, Susan Graham, Jo Freudenheim. Is principal components analysis necessary to characterise dietary behaviour in studies of diet and disease?. Public Health Nutr. 2001; 4(4).
  • Susan McCann, Jo Freudenheim, Marshall JR, Brasure JR, Swanson MK, Susan Graham. Diet in the epidemiology of endometrial cancer in western New York (United States).. Cancer Causes Control. 2000; 11(10).
  • VonFricken K, Karamanoukian HL, Ricci M, Graham S, Slate DM, Bergsland J, Salerno TA. Echocardiographic mass on the mitral valve.. J Cardiothorac Vasc Anesth. 2000; 14(6).
  • Duffy LC, Zielezny MA, Marshall JR, Weiser MM, Phillips JF, Byers TE, Calkins BM, Graham S, Ogra PL. Lag time between stress events and risk of recurrent episodes of inflammatory bowel disease.. Epidemiology. 1991; 2(2).
  • Duffy LC, Zielezny MA, Riepenhoff-Talty M, Byers TE, Marshall J, Weiser MM, Graham S, Ogra PL. Vasoactive intestinal peptide as a laboratory supplement to clinical activity index in inflammatory bowel disease.. Dig Dis Sci. 1989; 34(10).
  • Duffy LC, Zielezny MA, Marshall JR, Byers TE, Weiser MM, Phillips JF, Calkins BM, Ogra PL, Graham S. Relevance of major stress events as an indicator of disease activity prevalence in inflammatory bowel disease.. Behav Med. ; 17(3).
  • Duffy LC, Zielezny MA, Marshall JR, Weiser MM, Byers TE, Phillips JF, Ogra PL, Graham S. Cigarette smoking and risk of clinical relapse in patients with Crohn's disease.. Am J Prev Med. ; 6(3).

Professional Memberships:
  • Erie County Medical Society, Nominating Committee
  • Professional Steering Committe, Cardiovascular Disease
  • Heart Failure Society of America
  • American College of Cardiology
  • American College of Physicians
  • American Heart Association
  • International Society of Heart and Lung Tranplantation

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Contact Information

Buffalo General Medical Center
100 High Street
Buffalo, NY 14203
Phone: 716-859-2573

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