Kristina Seiffert MD

Kristina Seiffert

Kristina Seiffert

Research Assistant Professor

Department of Dermatology

Jacobs School of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

Specialty/Research Focus

Dermatology; Immunology; Neurobiology

Contact Information
6085 Clinical and Translational Research Center
Buffalo, NY 14203
Phone: (716) 842-2118
Fax: (716) 854-1397

Professional Summary:

As a physician with clinical expertise in dermatology and a bench scientist with over 15 years of experience in cutaneous immunology, my research focuses on autoimmune disorders and neuroimmunology of the skin.

I am particularly interested in the blistering autoimmune skin disease Pemphigus vulgaris (PV), which, while rare, serves as an excellent model to investigate the basic aspects of autoimmune disease in general. The work in our laboratory is patient-based, and we have an unparalleled collection of blood samples and clinical information from over 200 individuals affected by PV enrolled in our IRB-approved studies focusing on mechanisms of autoimmunity (T effector and regulatory cells, immunoglobulin subtypes, auto-antigen and auto-antibody profiles) as well as clinical expression of disease. We have also recently applied cutting-edge atomic force microscopy technology to the investigation of antibody effects in the tissue level in PV.

Another main interest of mine is investigating the role of stress hormones and neural transmitters in skin diseases, in particular the effect of adrenaline on Langerhans cells (resident dendritic cells within the epidermis). It has long been postulated that stress can affect certain skin conditions, but only recent experimental evidence has established a role of the neuroendocrine system in cutaneous inflammation. Exploring the role of stress hormones and neural transmitters promises to affect greatly the way we view and treat many skin diseases including, but not limited to atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.

As a research assistant professor in the department of dermatology I oversee the work of postdoctoral fellows, MD/PhD students and medical students involved in the day-to-day operations of our basic science laboratory. I also actively participate in dermatology resident teaching through regularly scheduled basic science journal clubs and by supervising resident research rotations in the laboratory.

Education and Training:

  • Dr. med., Free University of Berlin Medical School, magna cum laude (1997)
  • MD, Free University of Berlin (1996)


  • Research Assistant Professor, Dermatology, University at Buffalo, School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (2011-present)
  • Research Associate, Dermatology, Michigan State University, College of Human Medicine (2005–2011)
  • Research Fellow, Dermatology, Cornell University, Weill Medical College (1998–2005)
  • Resident, Dermatology, Free University of Berlin, University Medical Center Benjamin Franklin (1996–1998)
  • Research Fellow, Dermatology, Free University of Berlin, University Medical Center Benjamin Franklin (1996–1998)

Awards and Honors:

  • Dermatology Foundation Research Fellowship (2000)
  • Travel Grant- European Society for Dermatological Research (1998)

Research Expertise:

  • Mechanisms of Cutaneous Autoimmunity and Neuroimmunology of the Skin

Grants and Sponsored Research:

  • July 2015–June 2016
    Dr. Louis Sklarow Memorial Trust
    Role: Principal Investigator

Journal Articles:

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Books and Book Chapters:

  • Seiffert, K. Regulation of Cutaneous Immunity by Catecholamines. Neuroimmunology of the Skin. 2009.
  • Seiffert K. Atopische Dermatitis (Atopic Dermatitis). Behavioral Medicine-Psychobiology, Psychopathology and Clinical Use. 2008.
  • Seiffert K. Haut (Skin). Allgemeine und Spezielle Pathologie (Text Book on Pathology) 4th ed. 2004.

Evaluative Studies and Case Reports:

Professional Memberships:

  • International Investigative Dermatology (2010–present)
  • Science Alliance (New York Academy of Sciences) (2004–present)
  • Society for Investigative Dermatology (2002–present)


  • "IL-13 receptor alpha 1 downregulation as a protective mechanism and therapeutic target in Pemphigus" Society for Investigative Dermatology Annual Meeting, Society for Investigative Dermatology (2015)
  • "Novel Multiplex Autoantigen Arrays for Biomarker Discovery in Skin autoimmunity" Clinical and Translational Research Colliquium, University at Buffalo Clinical and Translational Research Center, Translational Pilot Program (2013)
  • "Novel Autoantigen Microarrays Identify Desmoglein and Non-Desmoglein Targets in Pempigus Vulgaris" International J.C. Bystryn Pemphigus & Pemphigoid Meeting, NIH (2010)
  • "Stress and the Skin" Grand Rounds, Division of Dermatology and Cutaneous Sciences, Michigan State University, Division of Dermatology and Cutaneous Sciences (2009)
  • "Catecholamines and Langerhans Cells" Weill Cornell Symposium on the Science of Dermatology, Weill Cornell Medical College, Weill Cornell (2006)
  • "Identification of two distinct CD8+T cell populations associated with remittent disease in Pemphigus" Society for Investigative Dermatology Annual Meeting, Society for Investigative Dermatology, Society for Investigative Dermatology (2006)
  • "Purinergic receptor signaling and cutanewous inflammation" Grand Rounds, New York Hospital , Cornell Medical Center (2005)
  • "Regulation of Cutaneous Immunity by Catecholamines" Skin Biology Club Meeting, New York Academy of Sciences, Skin Biology Club (2002)
  • "Regulation of Cutaneous Immunity by Catecholamines" Joint Meeting of the Experimental Contact Dermatitis Research Group and the American Contact Dermatitis Society, ECDRG & ACDs, ECDRG & ACDS (2002)
  • "How Stress Affects the Skin: the Adrenergic System and Cutaneous Immunity" Grand Rounds, New York Hospital/Cornell Medical Center, New York Hospital/Cornell Medical Center (2001)
  • "Expression of Neuropeptide Receptors by Human Sebocytes and Stimulatory effect of their Agonists on Cytokine Production" 3rd Teupitz Colloquium (2000)
  • "Epinephrine and Norepinephrine inhibit the antigen presenting capability of epidermal Langerhans cells." Society of Investigative Dermatology Annual Meeting, Society of Investigative Dermatology, Society of Investigative Dermatology (2000)
  • "5-alpha reductase inhibitors exhibit distinct effects on human sebocytes and keratinocytes in vitro" International Investigative Dermatology Meeting - Joint Meeting of the European, Japanese, and the American Society of Investigative Dermatology, International Investigative Dermatology (1998)
  • "Psychophysiological reaction patterns of patients with atopic dermatitis" 6th International Congress of Dermatology and Psychiatry (1995)
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Service Activities:

  • British Journal of Dermatology; Ad Hoc Reviewer (2015–present)
  • Archives of Dermatologic Research; Ad Hoc Reviewer (2008–present)
  • Hormone and Metabolic Research; Ad Hoc Reviewer (2005–present)
  • Journal of Investigative Dermatology; Ad Hoc Reviewer (2005–present)

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Contact Information

6085 Clinical and Translational Research Center
Buffalo, NY 14203
Phone: (716) 842-2118
Fax: (716) 854-1397