Dossier Submission Calendar

To ensure timely action by the medical school review bodies and the President’s Review Board (PRB), please submit candidate dossiers to the Office of Faculty Affairs (Room 128 Biomedical Education Building, 3435 Main Street) as follows:

Unqualified (tenure)

professor and
associate professor

September 1

original + 2 copies +  PDF

Qualified (non-tenure)

professor and
associate professor

November 1 (preferred)

January 15 (deadline)

original + 1 copy + PDF

Candidate’s Tasks

Curriculum vitae

Develop your curriculum vitae following the approved format. The Office of Faculty Affairs is happy to assist you with this.

You can use eCV, our faculty data management system, to create a CV that fulfills the requirements of the promotion and tenure committee. The information you enter populates your profile on school and departmental websites.

If you have not yet filled in your eCV, please log in to eCV to do so.

Personal statement

Prepare a personal statement that addresses scholarship, teaching, service and future goals.

Securing an advocate (optional)

You have the option to designate an advocate of your choice.

Department Chair’s Tasks

Chair’s letter

The department chair must write a letter that addresses the candidate’s contributions.

Required evaluation letters

As department chair, you must solicit external and internal evaluation letters using our guidelines:

External evaluator examples (four minimum)

Internal evaluator examples (two minimum)

Optional evaluation letters

We encourage you to solicit an optional collaborator letter. The letter must come from a non-UB affiliate who has worked with the candidate on a multiyear project.

We recommend soliciting letters from current or former students/trainees who can offer insightful comments about the impact of the candidate's teaching and mentoring.

Dossier preparation for faculty with joint appointments

In cases where a faculty member has a joint appointment in two departments within the school of medicine, the primary department should assemble and submit the dossier.

Dossier preparation for faculty with joint appointments in two schools

In cases where a faculty member is appointed in co-administered departments in two different UB schools, follow these requirements:

Voting eligibility

Be aware that UB adheres to “rank on rank” voting for all faculty personnel actions.

Promotions Review Process for Dossiers

Familiarize yourself with the different review processes for dossiers:

Dossier Submission Documents

As the departmental staff member preparing the dossier, you should use these documents in the submission process:

Adobe Reader is required to use these documents.

For more information, contact:

Laychock, Suzanne

Suzanne Laychock, PhD

Professor and Senior Associate Dean For Faculty Affairs & Facilities

128 BEB Buffalo, NY 14214

Phone: (716) 829-2808; Fax: (716) 829-2437


Sofia A. Tangalos

128 Biomedical Education Building

Phone: (716) 829-3042