2nd Annual WNYSTEM Stem Cell Symposium

Saturday, June 1, 2013
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Hauptman-Woodward Institute, 700 Ellicott St, Downtown Campus
New York State State Stem Cell Science (NYSTEM), UB Center of Excellence in Bioinformaticcs and Life Sciences, Life Technologies Inc., Ross Eye Institute

We are pleased to announce that WNYSTEM and UB will be hosting the NYSTEM-sponsored 2nd Annual WNYSTEM Stem Cell Symposium entitled "Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine". This Symposium will provide outstanding talks on Stem Cell biology, an opportunity to present data in a poster session, and an introduction to the Western New York Stem Cell Culture and Analysis Center (WNYSTEM). The Symposium is free to students or faculty interested in Stem Cell research, as well as Stem Cell industry representatives.

Invited Speakes: Janet Rossant, Univ. of Toronto; Meri Firpo, Univ. of Minnesota; Su-Chun Zhang, Univ. of Wisconsin, Todd McDevitt, Georgia Tech; Michael Nemeth, RPCI; Jennifer Crean, Life Technologies; Jian Feng, Michael Buck, Univ. at Buffalo

Registration is free at WNYSTEM.BUFFALO.EDU. Please register for lunch and seating.

Join us for exciting talks and posters on Stem Cell Biology!


For more information, contact:

Gregory Korosec
Phone: 716-881-8209