Classroom/conference room computers to prevent use of unverified software

A UB faculty member at a teaching station.

Published April 18, 2019

Beginning Summer 2019, unverified software will be prevented from running on teaching station computers in UB’s technology classrooms and conference rooms.

Request software for use in technology classrooms and conference rooms

If your class or activity requires software that isn’t already installed on teaching station/conference room computers, you can request the software to be installed in a particular room using the existing Request Software for your Classroom form.

Once the software has been added to the approved list, you can run it from any teaching station computer in a centrally scheduled technology classroom or conference room, and it will continue to be available for future semesters.

Get help with teaching technology

For help with teaching technology at UB, contact the UBIT Help Center, online at, or by phone at 716-645-3542.

Please note that requests to add software titles may take up to two weeks.