Instructors: mobile grading and course management with Blackboard Instructor app

A UB instructor advises two business students using a mobile phone.

Published January 20, 2020

Access the UBlearns features you use most from your phone or tablet.


Get the app

The Blackboard Instructor app is available for Apple, Google and Windows mobile devices. To download the app, visit your device’s app store.

Do more, on mobile

Blackboard Instructor is designed to eliminate barriers to teaching and improve the effectiveness of time you spend managing your courses. It provides quick and easy access to the most common instructor tasks in UBlearns, including:

  • Grading assignments
  • Previewing course content and assessments
  • Sending course announcements
  • Creating discussion boards and replying to comments

Tell them what you think

The Blackboard Instructor mobile app also features a built-in mechanism for giving feedback and asking questions. The feedback you provide will help improve the app in the future.

Get help with UBlearns

Looking for more information about UBlearns, UB’s Blackboard-powered learning management system? You can find instructor manuals, getting started guides, answers to common questions and more on the UBIT website.