Employees: need HUB access? Use the UB VPN with Duo

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Published February 3, 2020

UB VPN is required for UB employees accessing restricted data at UB, such as student information in HUB. Find out how to log in using the VPN, along with your Duo two-step verification.

Find instructions for connecting to HUB using the UB VPN and Duo. These instructions are for all UB employees accessing HUB from a UB-owned computer, from on or off campus, even if you previously used an RSA token.


I use an RSA token to connect to HUB. What’s changing for me?

UB employees with HUB access previously used RSA tokens to verify their identity. If you’re still using an RSA token, you can continue to do so. When you’re ready for an RSA token replacement, your departmental IT staff will help you get started using Duo instead.

Duo two-step verification is now available to all UB faculty, staff and students. Duo provides comparable security while also helping to secure the other UB services used by students and employees, like MyUB, UBlearns and UBbox.

How does it work?

UB uses Cisco’s AnyConnect VPN software—your departmental IT staff can install it on your work devices, if they haven’t already. From there, follow our online instructions to connect securely to HUB.

You will be asked to select a group based on where you are (on or off campus), or whether you’re an instructor. Then, after entering your UBITName and password, you’ll be asked to verify your identity using one of your Duo two-step devices.

Using Duo two-step verification with the UB VPN

When the UB VPN asks which two-step device you want to use, you may see a numbered list of available options. Just enter the number of the device where you want to verify your identity.

If you have more than four devices registered for Duo, you’ll see options like “push1,” or “phone1” instead. If you aren’t sure which devices these labels refer to, you can look up your enrolled devices, and their corresponding aliases, by selecting VPN Device Aliases in the Duo Two-Step Verification Manager.

Get help

Your departmental IT staff can help you get ready to connect to HUB using the UB VPN.

For trouble connecting to UB services or networks, contact the UBIT Help Center, online at buffalo.edu/ubit/help, by phone at 716-645-3542, or by vising our walk-up location at the 3rd floor Silverman Library service desk in Capen Hall.