Meet the new UBIT homepage

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Published December 21, 2020

Find your UB technology tools for success! The newly revamped UBIT website is the easiest way for people who work or study at UB to see what’s available and get help using it.


Whether you’re a student or a member of UB’s faculty or staff, UB provides cutting-edge technology services to help you get work done your way. But it isn’t always easy to keep track of what is available, or how to use it.

The new UBIT homepage makes it easier for you to find just the right information for you. Have questions about technology at UB? Visit for the most up-to-date and accurate information about UB technology.

New: Technology Guides for students, faculty and staff

Whether you’re new to UB or just looking for resources, how can you tell which of UB’s many technology apps and services are the right ones for you?

Visit our new Technology Guides specific to UB’s students, faculty and staff:

  • UB’s Student Technology Guide provides students with the six essential steps for getting started with UB technology
  • Our Faculty Technology Guide highlights essential technology for teaching and research, in and out of the classroom
  • The Staff Technology Guide collects everything you need to know about your email, phones and essential office software in one place

How can we help you?

Our online UBIT Help Center is updated too, with direct contact information to get help with UB’s most commonly used apps like Zoom and Panopto. No matter which UB technology you’re using, visit the UBIT Help Center online to see all the ways you can contact us for help.

Tell us what you think

Has the new UBIT website helped you? Is there anything we could be doing better? We want your feedback! Email, or get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter, to tell us what you think.