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Medical Education Strategic Plan

The construction of our new medical school and our impending move to it has afforded us the opportunity to examine the path of medical education and plan for its growth and development at the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (JSMBS).

Developing a Strategic Plan

We have partnered with AMC Strategies, a premier strategic planning firm for medical schools, to assist in developing a medical education strategic plan. 

A steering committee of 25 of the school’s leaders, including faculty and students, was assembled to oversee the process.

The steering committee outlined strategic direction for education, related research and clinical issues to:     

  • define an overall vision for the medical education program
  • identify measurable goals to support the vision
  • outline specific strategies with recommended tactics that address each of the goals.

Our Work

AMC Strategies conducted interviews of 56 key stakeholders including faculty, staff, students, administration, local hospital and insurance leaders and members of the university's leadership. Input from the community at large, including students, faculty, staff, residents and volunteer faculty was obtained via an online poll that gathered additional input from the broader university community. 

The top strengths and opportunities interviewees identified are:


Outstanding and dedicated educators.


Leverage the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus (BNMC) to develop beneficial relationships with alumni, volunteer faculty, clinical partners and the community.  

Diversity of patient population and clinical teaching sites

Design an innovative curriculum that prepares students to successfully practice medicine in the future.

Collegiality and quality of the student body

Continue to capitalize on BNMC and
Buffalo’s renaissance
to recruit outstanding faculty and students. 

Organ systems-based curriculum.

Pioneer innovative teaching modalities that address self-directed, adult learning styles.

Dedicated UB, JSMBS and medical administration leadership.

Collaborate with partners  to ensure funding for the future physician workforce for Western New York.

We completed the interviews, environmental assessment and stakeholder survey and reviewed the results in the Steering Committee Strategic Planning Retreat on December 2, 2016. 


Committee members are discussing the vision for medical education they've established for the school as well as the five key goals underpinning that vision.

Prepare students to become exceptional clinicians to advance the health of our community and beyond.

Foster a culture that supports outstanding educators.

Ensure that all medical students graduate with the expertise to analyze and integrate advances in medicine.

Increase the number of students who pursue careers as physician scientists.

Foster a culture of professionalism, respect and commitment to patients, learners and peers.

Next Steps

The final meeting of the committee was March 22, 2017. At this meeting, the vision, goals and strategies were finalized, and committee members defined the tactics necessary to achieve success.

It is a truly exciting experience, one which seeks to optimize the opportunity that a new medical school affords us.


Cain, Michael
Michael Cain, MD
Vice President for Health Sciences and Dean, Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences


Lesse, Alan
Alan Lesse, MD
Associate Professor and Vice Chair for Education; Senior Associate Dean for Medical Curriculum