Medical Education Strategic Plan

The construction of our new medical school building and our move to it has afforded us the opportunity to examine the path of medical education and plan for its growth and development at the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

Developing a Strategic Plan

We have partnered with AMC Strategies, a premier strategic planning firm for medical schools, to assist in developing a medical education strategic plan. 

A steering committee of 25 of the school’s leaders, including faculty and students, was assembled to oversee the process.

The steering committee outlined strategic direction for education, related research and clinical issues to:     

  • define an overall vision for the medical education program
  • identify measurable goals to support the vision
  • outline specific strategies with recommended tactics that address each of the goals.

Mission Statement

To advance health and wellness across the life span for the people of New York and the world through the education of tomorrow's leaders in health care and biomedical sciences, innovative research and outstanding clinical care.

Vision Statement

To develop and inspire exceptional physicians through transformative education.

Medical Education Core Values

Diagram of core values: leadership, excellence, discovery, community and integrity.

Vision and Goals

Diagram of vision and goals. Each goal advances the vision of developing and inspiring exceptional physicians through transformative education.

Next Steps

The Strategy Champions are being invited to participate and the committees are forming. The Strategy Champions will design and implement tactics to achieve the goal and metrics to monitor the success. These champions will report to the Strategic Planning Committee on their plans and implementation in a 4-6 month time-frame, based on the following diagram. Continued monitoring of the success of the plan will be performed on a quarterly basis.

We will post and publish the tactics, and metrics used to monitor the success of the plan on a quarterly basis.

Complex diagram of planning and implementation steps for the strategic plan.


Cain, Michael
Michael Cain, MD
Vice President for Health Sciences and Dean, Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences


Lesse, Alan
Alan Lesse, MD
Associate Professor and Vice Chair for Education; Senior Associate Dean for Medical Curriculum