William Terry, MD ’09, MPH

William Terry and a young patient.

When deciding on a residency program, it was important for me to be trained in a hospital dedicated to children and associated with a university. I entered medical school after working in public health and research, and I felt that this combination would provide me access to the latest research in pediatric subspecialties while immersing me in an environment where I could learn from professionals who are highly experienced in, and committed to, pediatric care. UB’s program fit the bill perfectly.

I appreciate the breadth of subspecialists available to learn from. At the same time, the program is intimate enough to allow personal interactions with the attending physicians, who are eager to teach. The large hospitalist service has been a great way to interact with attending physicians on a day-to-day basis. Additionally, having private pediatricians admit their patients to the private service allows me to see how other pediatricians practice medicine and connects me to the larger community of pediatricians.

Because Children’s is the referral hospital for a large and diverse region, I have been exposed to pathology cases that I may not have seen in other programs. I have taken care of kids from as nearby as around the corner to as far away as Pennsylvania and Ontario. 

The people make UB’s residency program special for me. I can’t imagine a group more dedicated to children’s health.