Nithi Fernandes, MD

Nithi Fernandes.
Neonatal-perinatal medicine ’17

This program is excellent for people who want to learn, who want to succeed, and who want to do research in a place that's well established in research. But it’s a place where you should come expecting to give.

I actually didn't know much about the program, or any program in general, until I started looking. And I found that Buffalo is an awesome program, I didn't know how great it was until I came and saw the lab. No other program that I went to compared, at all.

In the end, we all will learn the same skill set, we all will have the same knowledge that comes from the same review book for a board exam, but it's the program that changes how that's established. Not only do you become a better neonatologist in the end, you become a better person.

When I went on interviews for jobs and the way they treated me knowing I trained in Buffalo made me feel better about myself. You feel better about how you're learning and working, because you can rely on your experience here and you can rely that it was a good program to get a foundation in and you feel like you've seen enough, and you've done enough and you can go out there and be comfortable.