Cody Kelso, MD ’22

Medical student Cody Kelso is a proud Western New Yorker who was drawn to the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences for its strong commitment to its surrounding communities.

Medical student Cody Kelso knows a good amount about teamwork and leadership.

The East Aurora, New York, native earned his undergraduate degree in biology at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania, where he also played safety for the Division II school’s football team and served as the defensive team captain.

Proud to be a Western New Yorker, Kelso was drawn to the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences for its commitment to Buffalo and its surrounding areas.

What was it about the Jacobs School that initially appealed to you?

The opportunity to train in a medical school that is invested in my community. The Jacobs School has an amazing variety of student-run programs that are active in improving the health of Western New Yorkers. The community involvement here is second to none.  

What has been your impression of your education at UB?

UB gives us every opportunity to succeed in the fast-paced learning environment of medical school. The quality and diversity of instructors we have at the Jacobs School covers everything from the cellular level to anatomy and physiology.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of your education thus far?

The collaborative environment allows students to get to know one another and tackle complex concepts as a group. It has been extremely enjoyable to work through cases with my peers in small group discussions and problem-based learning.

How would you describe your medical school class?

A diverse, interesting group of students from around the world. My classmates are very intelligent but still personable enough to be approachable.

What’s most appealing about Western New York?​

Buffalo is a big, little town. It’s large enough to meet new people, but you’re always running into friends and family around the city.