Research Opportunities

Medical students who rotate through our service often like to become involved in research projects within the department.

In order for any researcher to publish or become authors within the department, certain certifications will need to be completed. Listed below are the websites required for you to become certified/registered, as per the University.

  • Any research project that you will be a key personnel on will require registration through CITI Program.
  • You must complete the “Human Subjects Research” basic course at IRBNet.

If you plan on submitting a research study you will need to include certain documents and a protocol to myself for submission, the documents that are required for the IRB when you want to submit a study can be found on the like below. Please note that no form can be turned in hand-written, and all must be filled out electronically. All of these forms can be found online.

You will find links to many of the documents you will need, including:

  • Guidelines/requirements
  • Informed consent process/requirements
  • Forms/templates
  • New/initial Submissions


Please contact our Administrative Research Coordinator to discuss opportunities or interest you may have within the research department.