GMP F-18 Lab

A GMP laboratory is established to produce human use F-18 labeled compounds at CTRC. In this lab we have Comecer hot cell and a GE FX-N2 automated synthesis module installed in this hot cell. This synthesizer will give us capability to produce lot of F-18 compounds. We have two laminar flow hoods. At the moment we buy F-18 from Cardinal health.

Iodination Laboratory

PET Radiochemistry Area has a hood specifically to labels radioactive halogens (i.e Iodine-124 and 123).  This area has fume hoods and sufficient bench space to house the quality control apparatus for testing the radiopharmaceuticals. We also use this laboratory for Zr-89 and Cu-64 labeling.

Iodine-124 is purchased from 3D Imaging and is used for labeling. The exhaust of all our fume hoods and hot cells are connected to charcoal filters. We have a HPLC system control by Agilent Chemstation software for purification and quality control. Capintec dose calibrator for measuring the activity.

Quality Control

For quality control we have Agilent technologies 1200 series HPLC system, HP Gas Chromatograph, Capintec TLC scanner, Multichannel analyzer (MCA), Dose calibrators, pH meters, furnaces, Endosafe LAL portable test system and Incubators for developing the sterility test.


Sajjad, Munawwar

Munawwar Sajjad, PhD

Professor, Speciality: Radiochemistry

105 Parker Hall Buffalo, NY 14214

Phone: 829-2892