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Recent Faculty Publications

We share our research studies with physicians and scientists worldwide through publications in leading academic journals. View a listing of our faculty’s most recent publications.

  • Yao R, Deng R, Wei Q, Dai T, Ma T, Lecomte R. Multi-pinhole SPECT helical scan parameters and imaging volume. Medical Physics. 2015; 42
  • Wang S, Ma T, Yao R. Axial Movement Parameter Optimization on Slit-Slat SPECT. IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science. 2015; 62
  • Fan P, Ma T, Wei Q, Yao R, Liu Y, Wang S. Choose Crystal Surface Finishing for a Dual-ended Readout Depth-of-Interaction (DOI) Detector. Physics in Medicine and Biology. 2015; 60
  • Jian Y, Yao R, Mulnix T, Jin X, Carson R. Applications of the line-of-response probability density function resolution model in PET list mode reconstruction. Physics in Medicine and Biology. 2015; 60
  • Lim JTE Moncayo V Alzaraki N. Sodium 18F-fluoride bone scintigraphy in deep ocean diver.. Clinical Nuclear Medicine. 2015; 40(7)