Glenna C. Bett, PhD.

Glenna C. Bett, PhD, is our department’s vice chair for research and director of resident research. Her laboratory focuses on ion channel kinetics and structure and how interventions such as ancillary subunits, mutations, drugs, and environmental changes affect the structure-function relationship — and ultimately how this affects cellular electrical activity.


We maintain a productive obstetrics and gynecology research unit where world-class investigators dedicate themselves to improving health and patient care.

We maintain an active interdisciplinary research program committed to understanding the reproductive system through basic and clinical research.  

  • 5/26/20
    Our research spans from basic through translational and clinical, primarily focusing on determining the basic molecular bases of physiology and pathophysiology of women’s health and reproduction.
  • 12/14/16
    UB Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology research scientists and physician-scientists have made important and internationally recognized contributions to medical science, including patents, discoveries and treatment advances.
  • 8/3/21
    Our research frequently appears in leading academic journals and reflects a broad scope of interests.
  • 8/3/21
    Our faculty and fellows conduct novel research supported by a diverse funding stream that includes federal, state and private organizations.
  • 12/14/16
    Research skills form a key component of a successful, responsive clinical practice, as well as the foundation of your academic career.
  • 2/6/18
    The clinical trials our faculty conduct build knowledge about a wide spectrum of conditions and improve the quality of care for people in Western New York and around the globe.
  • 12/17/18
    Specialized clinics and laboratories support our faculty’s active research programs and provide training opportunities for students, residents and fellows.
  • 3/29/19
    The center provides services for pelvic floor health to women and men by taking a holistic, multidisciplinary approach through collaboration between urology, gynecology, colorectal surgery and physical therapy.
  • 12/14/16
    Our program encourages collaborative, multidisciplinary research in well-established centers where you can work with faculty across departmental boundaries.
  • 12/14/16
    Our school’s shared core instrumentation and transgenic animal facilities support research by UB faculty and investigators at our affiliated institutions. These facilities not only house state-of-the-art equipment, but in many cases also provide data analysis, training and grant writing consultation.
  • 12/14/16
    Resident Research Day is a celebration of your research endeavors. As a PGY-3 trainee, you will give an oral presentation of your research project.