Glenna Bett, PhD.

Among the department’s research facilities is the laboratory of Glenna Bett, PhD, where her team focuses on ion channel kinetics and structure.

Departmental Research Facilities

Specialized clinics and laboratories support our faculty’s active research programs and provide training opportunities for students, residents and fellows.

Cary Hall

The Cary Hall lab has an inverted microscope equipped with fluorescence and patch clamp capabilities. This configuration has a Nikon Diaphot-TMD inverted microscope equipped with epifluorescence, a Burleigh PCS-250 piezoelectric micromanipulator, an Adams & List patch clamp tower, all supported by a TMC 63-500 series vibration isolation table. 

Additionally, the setup is equipped with a Sutter Xenoworks micromanipulator and digital microinjector, Sutter P97 micropipette puller and a Narishige MF-900 microforge, and Perfusion system.

The voltage clamp setup includes an Axopatch 1D patch clamp. Data are acquired and digitized with a Molecular Dynamics Digidata 1322A and Pclamp 10.2.

Sherman Hall

Located at 132 Sherman Hall is a 400-square-foot lab/office which houses an electrophysiological setup.

This lab features:

  • a vibration table
  • Faraday cage
  • Digidata D/A converter
  • electrode puller
  • computer dedicated to data collection and pClamp operation
  • assorted general electrophysiological lab resources
  • Dagan two electrode voltage clamp system driven by a P–Clamp 10.2 control system

In 133 Sherman Hall is 750 square feet equipped for general and molecular biochemistry.

This lab features:

  • a sterile culture hood for preparation of human iPSCD cardiac myocytes and other cultured cells
  • dissecting microscope
  • Dell OptiPlex
  • perfusion system
  • vibratome
  • stereo microscope
  • shaking incubator
  • PCR cycler
  • centrifuges
  • microfuge
  • electrophoresis power supplies and chambers for DNA and RNA and protein electrophoresis and other small equipment items
  • water baths
  • Bio-Rad gel dryer thermal shaker
  • Perkin Elmer Cetus DNA thermal cycler
  • Forma CO2 incubator
  • minus 80 C freezer
  • minus 20 C freezer/fridge
  • Mettler analytic balance
  • pH meter

Oishei Children's Hospital

Included within the hospital is a 500-square-foot laboratory space equipped for molecular biochemistry.


Bett, Glenna

Glenna Bett, PhD

Vice Chair for Research


  • 45 Sherman Hall
  • 132 Sherman Hall
  • 133 Sherman Hall
  • 201 Cary Hall
  • Oishei Children's Hospital