The Division of Cardiology provides comprehensive care to infants, children and young adults affected by, or suspected to have congenital and acquired heart disease.

Education and Training

We maintain up-to-date knowledge about the diagnosis and treatment of heart problems through an active teaching program, medical research and continuing medical education activities.


Pediatric residents will spend their electives in various clinical settings. Knowledge of cardiology is vital for residents going into general pediatrics and more so going into a pediatric subspecialty such as neonatology, critical care or emergency medicine, as it helps them in the diagnosis and management of patients.

As a pediatric resident, you will learn about the evaluation and medical management of:

  • congenital and structural heart diseases
  • cardiomyopathies, or diseases of the heart muscle, both familial and acquired
  • acquired heart diseases
  • rhythm disorders
  • chest pain
  • syncope (fainting)
  • heart diseases in athletes
  • heart failure
  • preventive cardiology including obesity, hypertension and high cholesterol
  • fetus with known or suspected cardiac conditions
  • common cardiac conditions, such as heart murmurs

Our diagnostic capabilities include:

  • performance and interpretation of pediatric transthoracic echocardiogram
  • performance and interpretation of fetal echocardiogram
  • performance and interpretation of electrocardiogram
  • performance and interpretation of transesophageal echocardiogram
  • placement and interpretation of 24 hour Holter
  • event monitor interpretation
  • electrophysiology studies and interventions
  • exercise stress testing and stress echocardiograms
In addition, residents who have a special interest in pediatric cardiology have an opportunity for more in-depth training and to learn the skill sets that will allow them a smooth transition into a fellowship program.

Medical Students

Medical students have the opportunity to shadow our faculty in an inpatient environment at Oishei Children's Hospital as well as in outpatient settings. Thus, they gain exposure to our highly specialized field. Those desiring of a greater involvement will be accommodated. In addition, our faculty give scheduled lectures pertaining to our pediatric subspecialty throughout the year.


Our research interests include topics related to preventive cardiology, noninvasive imaging and electrophysiology. Our faculty members are well published and are reviewers for several journals pertaining to pediatric cardiology. We collaborate with other pediatric subspecialties as well as with our adult cardiology colleagues within our research programs.

Clinical Care

We support families of patients with cardiac conditions and provide compassionate care for the individual patients suffering from congenital heart disease, starting in utero, infancy, childhood, and through adulthood.

Chief, Cardiology

Orie, Joseph

Joseph Orie, MD

Clinical Professor and Division Chief, Cardiology

UBMD Pediatrics Division of Cardiology 936 Delaware Avenue, Suite 100 Buffalo, NY 14209

Phone: (716) 885-5437; Fax: (716) 258-3329

Email: orie@buffalo.edu


936 Delaware Avenue
Suite 100
Buffalo, NY 14209

Phone: (716) 885-5437
Fax: (716) 258-3329