Faculty Profiles

Grant, Thomas


Assistant Professor

Specialty/Research Focus: Computational Drug Discovery; Protein Function and Structure
Gulick, Andrew



Specialty/Research Focus: Bacterial Pathogenesis; Infectious Disease; Metalloenzymes; Microbial Pathogenesis; Microbiology; Protein Function and Structure; Structural Biology
Malkowski, Michael


Professor and Chair

Specialty/Research Focus: Metalloenzymes; Protein Function and Structure
Specialty/Research Focus: Biomedical Engineering; Biophysical Modeling; Blood-Brain Barrier and Drug Delivery; Computational Biology; Biophysics; Ion Transport; Lipid Homeostasis; Membrane Biophysics; Membrane Proteins; Microbial Pathogenesis; Molecular Basis of Disease; Molecular Imaging Techniques; Myelin Diseases; Nanoparticles; Neurodevelopmental Disorders; Drug Targeting; Protein Engineering; Protein Function and Structure; Signal Transduction; Structural Biology; X-ray Crystallography; Genetic Pathology - Clinical, Molecular, Biochemical; Protein Therapeutics; Targeted Drug Delivery; Traumatic Brain Injury

Collaborating Faculty

Estrada, David


Assistant Professor HS

Specialty/Research Focus: Metalloenzymes; Protein Function and Structure; Vitamins and Trace Nutrients

Volunteer Faculty

Heppner, David, PHD