Raja and Smitha Krishnan, BS '00, Bioinformatics Precision Medicine Research Assistantship Fund

This fund provides financial assistance to a student who is in good academic standing, has completed their first year of the master of science program in Genetics, Genomics and Bioinformatics, and plans to do a research project that relates to next generation sequencing/other relevant methods applied to biomarker discovery/precision medicine.  The fund will facilitate research experiences for a student with an interest in bioinformatics who is highly motivated to advance technologies with the potential of discovering novel intellectual property through their research. 

Award Details

Funding will be awarded to a continuing student in the Genetics, Genomics and Bioinformatics Master's program. Selected students may receive reimbursement for some of the expenses associated with the research project, presentation of their research findings, and/or conference fees to share their work.   

Preference will be given to a student according to the following criteria:

  • has a knowledge of, has taken courses in, or shown expertise in bioinformatics 
  • has an interest in research projects in precision medicine
  • can articulate their passion for learning more about the fields of genetics, genomics, or bioinformatics, explain how that passion may impact their career path, and describe the high-level topic of their intended research
  • preference may be given to a student who has or is interested in pursuing their MD degree

Award Winners:

2024: Eshaan Deshmukh