About the Program

research in laboratory.

You will engage in hands-on research, becoming an integral part of a lab team, working alongside our accomplished faculty-scientists.

The PhD and MS programs in Genetics, Genomics and Bioinformatics prepare you to contribute to exciting new research essential to the success of 21st-century medicine, novel treatments and cures.

  • Why Choose Our Program?
    Our program is expressly designed to develop innovative and creative scientists, with an emphasis on the “how and why” of genetics, genomics and bioinformatics research and its broader significance to science and medicine.
  • Faculty
    Our faculty-scientists engage graduate and doctoral students in cutting-edge research across diverse disciplines, directing approximately $20 million in research funding annually.
  • Areas of Research
    Our broad scope of inquiry encompasses human, medical and developmental genetics and genomics throughout the lifespan; microbial genetics and pathogenesis; and genetic and genomic analysis through bioinformatics.
  • About Buffalo
    Our region is characterized by a neighborly way of life, an unpretentious nature and spirited loyalty among residents.