Your goal is to conduct cutting-edge genetics, genomics or bioinformatics research. Our goal is to provide the mentoring and hands-on opportunities to set you on your career path.

Why Choose Our Program?

Our program is expressly designed to develop innovative and creative scientists, with an emphasis on the “how and why” of genetics, genomics and bioinformatics research and its broader significance to science and medicine.

As one of a select few genetics, genomics and bioinformatics programs in the nation, we offer you unique and highly specialized research opportunities.

Outstanding Career Opportunities

Our distinctive graduate study opportunities give you the specialized knowledge and research skills needed to contribute to the understanding of the human genome and gene mutations, mechanisms of animal development, gene expression, computational analysis of DNA and protein sequences, microbial genetics and infectious diseases, complex human genetic diseases and the burgeoning fields of personalized and regenerative medicine.

You'll be prepared to meet pressing needs at research universities and government research agencies and in private research.

Individual Approach, Individual Attention

Our individualized training, broad-based curriculum and dedicated mentoring will help you succeed in the path you choose.

You will work one-on-one with renowned researchers, learning hands-on as you rotate through laboratories within our participating departments.

Mentoring and Support

In your first year, you will choose a faculty mentor who will support and guide you through your thesis research process—from original proposal to scientific presentation to oral defense.

Throughout the program, you will be encouraged to identify and explore unsolved problems and pursue your own research interests.

Culture of Collaboration

In our innately interdisciplinary research environment, you'll learn as part of a team engaged in collaborative exploration and discovery.

You'll see how research problems are identified, analyzed and resolved from a variety of angles and perspectives, drawing from experts in diverse fields.

Laboratory Rotations: Explore before You Commit

With our rotation system, PhD students can explore a variety of research opportunities before committing to a specific laboratory.

Collaborate with renowned faculty-scientists on innovative research while you receive a broad-based foundation in genetics, genomics and bioinformatics.

Cutting-Edge Research Facilities

From engrafting stem cells into animal models to next-generation sequencing and gene-expression analysis, our research facilities offer state-of-the-art tools for researchers investigating genetics and genomics.

Rich Quality of Life

Western New York is a region of more than two million people with a small-town friendliness. The area has a colorful history, a wealth of natural resources, a low cost of living and a cultural blend that contribute to a rich quality of life.

PhD Tuition and Stipend

As a PhD candidate, you will receive the financial freedom to focus on your research. We provide:

  • a full-tuition scholarship
  • a $31,000 stipend 
  • medical/dental insurance