Laboratory Rotations

natalie lechister lab.

Your first year of graduate study is a year of exploration, when you will identify your own research interests by experiencing the cutting-edge work taking place in a variety of labs.

You will have opportunities to explore projects in a variety of fields to help you identify a specific area of research to pursue toward your graduate degree. Through this process, you'll discover where your true passion for research lies.

Our laboratory rotations allow you the flexibility to identify the best laboratory and project for your PhD research. You’ll explore several different fields of research before you decide on a lab—and experience that “eureka” moment of career discovery.

In our Genetics, Genomics and Bioinformatics Program, you can choose from among our participating faculty laboratories for your rotations. During your rotations, you will:

  • Perform research projects
  • Learn new laboratory techniques
  • Meet other graduate students
  • Collaborate with potential mentors

During your first year of graduate study, you will take at least three laboratory rotations and may complete an optional fourth rotation. At the end of the first year, you will choose a laboratory where you will conduct your PhD dissertation research.

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