Curriculum and Requirements

This 30-credit hour program combines interdisciplinary coursework with diverse, hands-on laboratory research.

You will gain the experience and knowledge needed to explore your own research through a required master’s thesis or project.  

We strongly recommend that you identify an available faculty member and their lab before applying to our program. Our program administrator is available to guide you through the process of finding a lab.

Year 1

Fall (12-14 crs.)

Spring (12-14 crs.)

1 - 2 Electives

Year 2

Fall (3-11 crs.)

Electives, 0-6 credits

Spring (3-6 crs.)

Elective and Special Topic Courses

You may also elect other GGB courses or 500-600-level courses in computer science, biostatistics, neuroscience, microbiology and biology, with permission from your adviser and the program.