Master’s Programs

Our master’s programs provide you with a strong foundation in biomedical sciences knowledge and research skills, preparing you to enter a career in the sciences, or to continue your education in a PhD or professional degree program.

Programs of Study

Master's degrees have a minimum requirement of 30 credit hours. Some programs may have additional requirements.

Our students study gross anatomy, histology, neuroscience and/or cell biology.

Our course-and-research-based program include laboratory rotations to provide you opportunities to collaborate and hands-on experience in lab techniques.

Our program provides a sound scientific foundation for those planning careers in research, teaching or applied biophysics.

This program provides you with the advanced coursework in biotechnical and biomolecular sciences to prepare for positions in research and industry.

Our interdisciplinary, two-year program offers you a broad exposure to genetics and genomics through hands-on research, problem-solving and in-depth exploration of current and past research.

Students train in medical imaging, radiation therapy and nuclear medicine physics for careers in research, teaching or hospital practice.

Students in this program study molecular biology, cell biology, immunology and graduate microbiology.

Our program offers studies in cell biology, advanced neuroscience, topics in neuroscience, advanced statistics and neuroanatomy research.

This program empasizes study in general pathology, systemic pathology and general biochemistry with a research orientation and department seminars.

We provide an understanding of basic pharmacology along with an individualized program of original research.

This program provides the laboratory research training and advanced courses needed for entry-level professional positions in the pharmaceutical industry and in academia.

Our program produces graduates who are well-founded in the principles of organ system and cellular physiology, and are able to perform research in specialized areas of physiology.

UB’s Roswell Park Cancer Institute Graduate Division offers three master’s programs, all of which emphasize interdisciplinary research and bioinformatics skills. Many of our faculty hold positions, conduct research and mentor students at this world-class facility.