Master’s Programs

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Which Is Right for You?

Our master’s programs provide you with a strong foundation in biomedical sciences knowledge and research skills, preparing you to enter a career in the sciences or to continue your education in a doctoral or professional degree program.

Option 1, Focus.

Discipline-Specific Programs

Our traditional master’s programs offer you a specialized focus in one of 14 biomedical disciplines.

Most programs require a research project that culminates in a thesis, leaving you well-prepared for pursuit of a doctoral degree or immediate entry into a scientific career. You’ll learn from faculty mentors who are engaged in cutting-edge research within their fields and collaboratively across disciplines.

Program options

Learn more about each of our master’s programs in biomedical sciences.

Option 2, Explore.

Interdisciplinary Program

We’ve designed a program that provides the experiences and curriculum you need to help you prepare for the next step in your education.

Our Natural Sciences Interdisciplinary Master’s Program gives you a broad overview of the biomedical sciences so you can shape your education based on your interests and goals — whether you are seeking a future in a health profession or a career in research.