Chelsey Reed

Chelsey Reed.

Chelsey Reed

Chelsey Reed


Medicine-Prelim-JHU, MedStar Health (Baltimore), Baltimore, Md.; Neurology, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md.

Research Publications Overview

Thesis Title

The role of calcineurin in normal myelination and disease.

Research Description

The Peripheral Nervous system regenerate more efficiently that the Central Nervous system, in part due its ability to quickly clear degenerated myelin. Calcineurin is a calcium-activated signaling molecule with roles in a broad range of tissues, that has been implicated in the formation of peripheral myelin by Schwann cells. Here we show that, contrary to expectation, Calcineurin contributes only minimally to peripheral myelination, but has a novel role in initiating myelin autophagy after nerve damage. Our data improves our understanding of myelin clearance in nerves, and identifies pathways that are potentially accessible to increase nerve regeneration and recovery.

Thesis Advisor