Zahid Manzar

Zahid Manzar.

Zahid Manzar

Zahid Manzar

Thesis Title

Effects of Pathologic Biomechanical forces on Endothelial derived Microparticles composition and their utility for diagnostic/therapeutic potential in Endothelial (dys)function.

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Research Description

Transient Hypertension may serve as a model for a subset of Heart Failure (HFpEF). Furthermore, endothelial dysfunction is a significant inciting event in the pathogenesis for a host of cardiovascular diseases. Since their discovery, microvesicles have been found to be released by most cells and serve a critical role in cell-cell communciation via transport of proteins and various nucleic acids. Modulation of microparticles is a strong field of research as potential diagnostic markers for tumors or as vehicles in targeted drug delivery. Many forces are at play within the blood vessel such as pressure, shear, and stretch. At physiologic levels, these forces allow for healthy endothelial function via multiple mechanisms. However, at pathologic levels such as in hypertension, these forces impair the balance of multiple homeostasis pathways in endothelial function. I investigate the downstream effects of hypertension on endothelial function via studying the miRNA composition of microparticles secreted by endothelial cells. Perhaps fine-tuning these microparticles may alleviate the imbalance and restore physiologic conditions.

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