The MD-PhD required curriculum for the PhD consists of 72 credit hours from required and elective courses, drawn from these lists.

Prerequisites from the first two years of medical education curriculum

ANA 500 Anatomy 6.0 cr
IMC 502 Fundamentals I 7.2 cr
IMC 504 Fundamentals II 3.8 cr
IMC 514 Musculoskeletal 2.0 cr
IMC 602 Cardiovascular 3.0 cr
IMC 606-610 Neuroscience I and II 9.0 cr
IMC 612 Endocrine 5.0 cr
    36.0 cr

Biophysics departmental requirements

MST 601 MD-PhD Seminar 1.0 cr/sem
BPH 601 Seminar Research 1.0 cr
BPH 602 Seminar Research 1.0 cr
BPH PhD Research

In addition to a preliminary exam in biophysics, you must take the following course or another graduate course approved by your mentor and the director of graduate studies:

BPH 505 Biophysical Basics: Processes 4.0 cr