Microbiology & Immunology

The MD-PhD required curriculum for the PhD consists of 72 credit hours from required and elective courses, drawn from these lists.

Prerequisites from the first two years of medical education curriculum

IMC 500 Medicine and Society 2.0 cr
IMC 502 Fundamentals I 7.2 cr
IMC 504 Fundamentals II 3.8 cr
IMC 510 GI and Metabolism 5.5 cr
IMC 602 Cardiovascular 7.2 cr
IMC 604 Pulmonary 8.0 cr
IMC 610 Neuroscience II 2.3 cr
    36.0 cr

Year 1: Two of the following core courses are required

MIC 512
Fundamentals of Immunology
2.0 cr
MIC 513 Eukaryotic Pathogens
2.0 cr
MIC 515 Virology
2.0 cr
MIC 516 Bacteriology
2.0 cr

Year 1: Additional required coursework

MIC 610 Critical Analysis 1.0 cr/sem
MST 601 MD-PhD Seminar 1.0 cr/sem
MIC 700 PhD Research Variable

Two Advanced Topics courses are required. Most of these require instructors’ permission for enrollment. You may register for the same Advanced Topic course twice, but we encourage you to take Advanced Topic courses outside your focus area.

Microbiology and Immunology Advanced Topics courses

MIC 599 Supervised Teaching Variable
Mic 601 Eukaryotic RNA Biology 2.0 cr
MIC 606 Advanced Topics in Modern Microscopy 2.0 cr
MIC 607 DNA Replication and Repair 2.0 cr
MIC 608 Eukaryotic Pathogen Gene Expression 2.0 cr
MIC 609 Current Topics in Immunology 2.0 cr
MIC 611 Microbial Genetics (co-offered with GGB) 2.0 cr
MIC 613 Advanced Virology 2.0 cr
MIC 616 Fungal Pathogenesis 2.0 cr
MIC 622 Protein-Nucleic Acid Interaction 2-3 cr
MIC 623 Current Topics in Global Health Infectious Diseases 2.0 cr
MIC 624 Bacterial Pathogenesis 2.0 cr
MIC 626 Inflammation and Cancer 2.0 cr
MIC 627 Molecular Parasitology 2.0 cr

You may also take electives in other departments, but approval from the Graduate Affairs Committee is required.