Innovative Research

Doctoral student Jessie Polanco Garcia (left) conducts research in the laboratory of adviser, Fraser J. Sim, PhD, in areas such as G-protein coupled receptor regulation of human myelination.

Students work with a research mentor and committee in basic and/or clinical sciences from across UB, who provide advice, ensure collaborations, and provide helpful feedback. 

  • Seminars
    The program holds various seminars throughout the year featuring renowned scholars in the field.
  • Recent Faculty Publications
    Our research has been published in a variety of national and international peer-reviewed journals.
  • Recent Research Funding
    Our faculty secure major research grants from various National Institutes of Health as well as private sources.
  • Neuroscience Research Day
    Held annually, Neuroscience Research Day is an event geared to bring together local and state-wide researchers for promulgation of our research.