Programs and Curriculum

Our interdisciplinary program includes faculty from more than 20 departments across UB, offering graduate and undergraduate degrees.

  • 5/24/21
    Interdisciplinary degree program, part of the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences PhD.
  • 4/15/20
    Conduct potentially lifesaving, cutting-edge PhD research in our interdisciplinary neuroscience program that complements and enhances your clinical training.
  • 5/24/21
    Our program offers studies in cell biology, advanced neuroscience, topics in neuroscience, advanced statistics and neuroanatomy research.
  • 10/13/20
    Hit the ground running in your neuroscience career with a 5-year combined Bachelor's of Science (BS) and Master's of Science (MS) degree. 
  • 6/10/21
    Our undergraduate programs deliver a comprehensive background of modern medical neuroscience, through an inclusive curriculum focusing on how the central nervous system is organized, the pathophysiology of disease, and treatment of disease states.
  • 2/19/20
    Overview of our available neuroscience courses.
  • 4/17/20
    Through interdisciplinary coursework and a variety of laboratory experiences, you will learn from faculty-scientists with expertise in neuroscience-related fields. Here are just some of the research topics you can explore. 
  • 10/13/20
    Learn about our admissions criteria and how to apply at the graduate or doctoral level.

Program Statistics

  • Current MS Students: 22
  • Current PhD Students: 19
  • Affiliated Departments: 23
  • Degree Programs: MS, PhD