Course Descriptions

Neuroscience students have the freedom to select a variety of courses in their respective fields of research. However, all students are required to take certain neuroscience-specific courses.

The following are course descriptions for NRS courses. Please check our MS and PhD program pages for specific course requirements beyond those listed here.

  • NRS 520 Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience, 4 credits
  • NRS 524 Quantitative Neuroanatomy, 4 credits
  • NRS 560 Laboratory Rotation, 3 credits
  • NRS 600 Research, 1-12 credits
  • NRS 601 Research Seminar Evaluations, 1 credit
  • NRS 602 Seminars in Neuroscience, 1 credit
  • PMY 516, Molecular Neuropharmacology, 3 credits