Medical Student Admissions Policy

The Select Committee on Medical Student Admissions Policy recommends policy to the Faculty Council in the area of medical student admissions to the school.

It also nominates a slate of candidates, in number not less than twice the number of positions to be filled, for the Committee on Admissions. From this slate, the dean selects members of the Committee on Admissions, whose function it is to screen and recommend candidates to the dean for admission to the school as medical students.

Members of the Committee on Admissions are appointed for a three-year term and may be reappointed. Their terms are staggered so that approximately one-third of the committee is newly appointed each year. Members include the Faculty Council president’s designee, the dean’s designee, two basic science faculty, two clinical science faculty, two medical students (one from Phase 1, one from Phase 2) and an admissions staff member.


The Select Committee on Medical Student Admissions Policy reviews the technical standards in the admissions policy.

The committee reviews the usefulness of the Early Assurance Program and the Guaranteed Admissions Policy in meeting the medical school's mission and goals. If necessary, the committee sunsets, revises or develops new programs.

The committee reviews the remaining portions of the admissions policy to ensure they are appropriately updated.


The Standing Committee on Medical Student Admissions Policy consists of no less than the following members:

  • the president of the Faculty Council or his/her designee
  • the dean or his/her designee
  • two members from the basic sciences departments of the school elected by the Faculty Council
  • two members from the clinical departments of the school elected by the Faculty Council
  • two medical students, one from the preclinical years and one from the clinical years, selected by the representative medical student government and the administrative officer of the school in charge of admissions

Chair 2023-2026

2023-2026 Term

Medical Students

  • Gabrielle Hartman
  • Jonathan Sarquiz