Medical Student Affairs and Academic Standing

The Select Committee on Medical Student Affairs and Academic Standing reviews policies of the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences affecting medical students and makes recommendations to the Faculty Council concerning medical student affairs.


The committee works with the Standing Committee on Elections and Bylaws to revise the Academic Status Policy in order to place curricular issues under the direction of the Curriculum Committee.  


Membership includes four students, one student from each class, and faculty in numbers that are at least two times (i.e., eight) the number of medical students on the committee.

Membership also includes the dean or the dean’s designee.

Chair Until 2020

2019-2022 Term

2017-2020 Term

2015-2018 Term

Medical Students

  • Connor Arquette, fourth-year
  • Clarice Lin, third-year
  • Jonathan Goc, second-year
  • Peter Jowdy, first-year